Hello, I've decided to make a page on this site to talk about why and where I got started with taking photos. Hopefully my subpar prose doesn't lull you to sleep.
I started out fairly young, in fact as long as I can remember I loved taking photos. The first time I ever discovered the "macro" setting on my dad's old Canon Powershot it was like I was a caveman discovering fire. I dont think I every really thought about subjects or intriguing stories to be told. I just saw something that looked neat and clicked the shutter. I adored my dog, Maximus, he had quite the underbite and often garnered comparisons to Bernie Sanders of all people.
Photograph of Denali, Summer 2014, Canon Powershot A510 (unknown shutter speed) (unknown iso)
Pretty soon I became "the photo and film guy" in a lot of circles. These shots in particular were from when I was asked to bring a DSLR, Tripod and Field Recorder along on a 50 mile hike through the Alaskan wilderness to "film a documentary". Sadly, the footage was lost and obtaining interviews did not work out. At least I got some neat photos from it.
Right about mile 25 of the hike on what was our third day. Canon T3i (unknown settings)
Senior year was when I really learned to compose a shot, pick a subject and tell a story. I also fell in love with glitch art, an art form I still love to this day.
Backstage photo from the CHS production of "Merry Wives of Windsor" - Canon T3i unknown setting
I soon found myself serving a mission in South Korea for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was most often in either the 3rd biggest city in Korea, or the literal middle of nowhere. I loved it there and yearn to go back. Some of my best work was shot on that peninsula. I believe its where I really found my photographic eye.
Neighborhood Dentist in Gwangju, still one of my all time best - Lumix zs70 unknown settings
In response to COVID I started trying out film. These were a good couple years. I wasn't too experimental, but I continued to hone my form
Sunset behind Ensign Peak - Pentax k1000 shot on Kodak Portra 400 ISO film shutter set to 500
And now were to the present (as of 2023) I love my work. People may never care or look at it as much as I do, but I don't do it for anyone else, I do it for me.
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